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Chelsea Girl
Launch of George Brown's Steel Trawler, Part II

cg22 (63K) cg23 (65K)
Think Tanks: Should We Launch her Tonight? Tide's so Low...

cg25b (86K) cg26 (54K)
"Boys, Let's Cut the Skeg Off and Launch Tomorrow!" The Women say, "Shew! The Suspense is Killing Us..."

cg20 (99K)
Nothing Like a little Music to Break the Tension!

cg27 (64K)
Jamie Chadwick Cuts Skeg with Welding Torch

cg30 (66K) cg31 (51K)
Blessing and Christening: J.M. Brown with Precious Marshmallow, Miss Mogie, Chelsea and George

cg29 (82K) cg32 (75K)
Ready, Set, Splash!

cg39 (67K)
Bubby and Friends are Greatly Relieved

cg34b (104K)
Rhonda and George, Proud Parents of the Chelsea Girl

cg33b (83K)
Ain't She Purty? Next George Pulls her Free with Crane

cg46 (83K)
One Week Later, Setting Up Outriggers - Now the Work has Begun!

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